2S&LDS : Optical spectroscopy – Grenoble : semiconductor and nanophysics

Our research is focused on electronic and optical properties of two-dimensional and nanostructured semiconductor and sp2-carbon systems. The physics of graphene, of quantum Hall effect and of single objects such as semiconductor quantum dots are the most representative directions in our recent studies. The effects of interactions, electron-phonon and electron-electron as well as spin-dependent phenomena are of particular interest. Optical spectroscopy, from microwaves up to visible spectral range, and electronic transport, both in combination with applications of high magnetic fields and low temperatures, are our main experimental tools. The techniques of single object spectroscopy, micro-Raman scattering and resistively detected NMR which operate in fields up to 30T are unique experimental methods recently developed in the lab.

Numerous collaboration links and projects are vital for our research activity. Those include recent common works with research teams from INéel- and LPMMC-Grenoble, LPS-Orsay, LPN-Marcoussis, Universities of Montpellier, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Regensburg, Prague, Geneva, Erlangen, Oxford and Manchester, IPPAS-Warsaw and Helmholtz-Zentrum, Dresden as well as Georgia-Tech, Atlanta and IMS-NRC, Ottawa.

Membres du laboratoire impliqués : Clément Faugeras, Gérard Martinez, Milan Orlita, Benjamin Piot, Marek Potemski