Exciton band structure in layered MoSe2 : from a monolayer to the bulk limit

We present the micro-photoluminescence (μPL) and micro-reflectance contrast (μRC) spectroscopy studies on thin films of MoSe 2 with layer thicknesses ranging from a monolayer (1L) up to 5L. The thickness dependent evolution of the ground and excited state excitonic transitions taking place at various points of the Brillouin zone is determined. Temperature activated energy shifts and linewidth broadenings of the excitonic resonances in 1L, 2L and 3L flakes are accounted for by using standard formalisms previously developed for semiconductors. A peculiar shape of the optical response of the ground state (A) exciton in monolayer MoSe2 is tentatively attributed to the appearance of a Fano-type resonance. Rather trivial and clearly decaying PL spectra of monolayer MoSe2 with temperature confirm that the ground state exciton in this material is optically bright in contrast to a dark exciton ground state in monolayer WSe2.

More on this topic : A. Arora et al.,  Nanoscale 7, 20769, (2015)