Atomically thin layers of semiconducting transition metal dichalcogenides (S-TMDs) represent a new class of materials which are of vivid interest, primary in the area of the semiconductor physics and nanoscience as well as opto-electronic applications. The studies of thin films of S-TMDs are greatly inspired by and profit from the research and developments focused on graphene-based systems. Viewed as a part of the “beyond graphene research”, the studies of thin films of S-TMDs are largely at the level of basic research, aiming to enlighten their fundamental properties and potentially new functionalities. The investigations of optical properties represent one of the main directions of research on S-TMD layers.

Brightening of dark excitons in monolayers of semiconducting transition metal dichalcogenides

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Indirect-to-Direct Band Gap Crossover in Few-Layer MoTe2

Radiatively Limited Dephasing and Exciton Dynamics in MoSe2 Monolayers Revealed with Four-Wave Mixing Microscopy

Raman scattering of few-layers MoTe2

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Single photon emitters in exfoliated WSe2 structures

The direct-to-indirect band gap crossover in two-dimensional van der Waals Indium Selenide crystals

Tuning Valley Polarization in a WSe2 Monolayer with a Tiny Magnetic Field

Valley Zeeman Splitting and Valley Polarization of Neutral and Charged Excitons in Monolayer MoTe2 at High Magnetic Fields