2S&LDS : Electronic transport – Toulouse : nano-objests and semiconducting nanostructures

Nanoscience and nanophysics are fascinating research areas where the physical, optical and electronic properties of various nano-objects are explored as part of fundamental knowledge, in order to integrate them in tomorrow’s materials or miniaturized electronic devices.

Their fabrication, manipulation, electrical connection and finally their characterization are experimental challenges that our team is taking up every day. In particular, we investigate the electronic properties of nano-objects and semiconducting nanostructures by mean of magneto-transport experiments.

The application of a strong magnetic field together with the use of very low temperature constitutes an extreme experimental environment favorable to the discovery of the fundamental properties of nano-objects. These are, among others, carbon nanotubes, graphene and graphene nano-ribbons, thin graphite, two-dimensional electron gas at the interface of complex oxides, monolayers of transition metal dichalcogenides, as well as various semi-conducting and semi-metallic nanostructures.

Our group is located in the Toulouse site of LNCMI, dedicated to pulsed magnetic field.

From left to right: Bruno Camargo, Yang Ming, Nicolas Thiery, Michel Goiran, Walter Escoffier, Florian Vigneau and Mathieu Pierre.