The National Laboratory of Intense Magnetic Fields aims to develop technologies and research under conditions of intense magnetic field. The LNCMI opens its technical potential to the academic but also industrial scientific community.

The LNCMI provides to industry its technical platforms and know-how in order to carry out their research projects, measurements, material characterization, …

Different types of partnerships are possible. The relationship between the LNCMI and the industrial partner can be envisaged in the form of a research collaboration contract, confidentiality agreement or service delivery agreement. The contracting is carried out by the CNRS Partnership and Valuation Service to ensure compliance with the rules of industrial property and confidentiality.

The possibilities are vast; the main ones are detailed below.

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Aimantation sous champ intense (balance Faraday)

Résonance Paramagnétique Electronique à haut champ et haute fréquence

RMN à très haut champ et à très haute fréquence