Pulsed Magnets at LNCMI-Toulouse

The LNCMI-Toulouse designs and produces all the non-destructive pulsed magnets used for high-magnetic field experiments.

Temporal profiles of the pulsed magnetic fields generated at the LNCMI-Toulouse. Magnets A, B and C are monolithic, i.e. formed with one coil connected to one generator. Magnets D, E and F are composed of multiple concentric coils. D and F are double coils and F, the ‘100 T Magnet’, is the first triple coil in the world. It has generated, in February 2017, 98.8 T and this value is the current European record.

Modeling of the mechanical behavior of the ‘100 T magnet’ evaluated at 103 T.

Computer aided design of the ‘100 T magnet’. It’s constituted of three nested coils energized by three independent generators.

Mechanical parts in composite materials of the ‘100 T magnet’ realized in the LNCMI machine shop.

The three coils of the ‘100 T magnet’ before their installation in the nitrogen Dewar.

Temporal profile of the 98.8 T pulse performed in February 2017. This value is the European record of nondestructive pulsed magnetic field.

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