Workshop Magnetism and Chirality at LNCMI

12 April 2023 par Super Administrateur

A workshop devoted to ‘Magnetism and Chirality’ is organized on June 13 and 14, 2023 at the Laboratoire National des Champs Magnétiques Intenses in Grenoble. It will bring together the molecular magnetism and chirality French communities, both well identified through the French Association of Molecular Magnetism (AM2) and GdR Chirafun respectively, around a rapidlyexpanding topics. It will be supported at the local level by two Laboratory of Excellence programs, ARCANE for Chemistry and LANEF for physics, highlighting the cross-disciplinary nature of this topic.

The link between magnetism and chirality has been sought since the 19th century, in particular by Louis Pasteur. Nonetheless, the definitive breakthrough began with the early predictions of L. D. Barron and the pioneering works of Geert Rikken (LNCMI) on various magneto-chiral anisotropies. They have highlighted the synergies and new physico-chemical properties that can result from the combination of magnetism and chirality within the same material. Molecular chemists have then realized that they could design and synthesize materials combining these two properties in a controlled manner to propose a systematic investigation of the interplay  between chirality and magnetism in optical, transport and/or chemical properties.

The workshop organized at LNCMI in Grenoble intend to present the recent advances and highlight the upcoming opportunities in this domain that cover fundamental aspects as homochirality of life as well as the opening of new routes to readout the quantum state of Single-Molecule Magnets or synthesize chiral compounds.

Do have a look at the summary of the lectures.

You can attend free of charge by sending an email to
The number of attendants is limited. The deadline for applying is May 30
th 2023.