Electronic correlations in suspended graphene

12 October 2020 par Super Administrateur

Magneto-Raman scattering experiments on suspended monolayer graphene show that the magneto-phonon resonance, the resonant coupling between phonons and electronic excitations, captures de details of the peculiar electron-electron interactions in graphene.

Publication - Many‐Body Effects in Suspended Graphene Probed through Magneto‐Phonon Resonances, S. Berciaud, M. Potemski and C. Faugeras, Rapid Research Letters (2020)

Figure - False color map of the Raman scattering intensity of phonons in graphene as a function of the magnetic field. The observed changes of the phonon energy when increasing the magnetic field, magneto-phonon resonances, are representative of the electronic excitation spectrum which shows a magnetic field and electronic excitation dependent band parameter (vF). This result is understood as a signature of many-body effects in graphene.